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Did you know there are dozens of options when it comes to restoring your smile? Naturally, that leaves people with many questions about the different products, and which restoration option to choose. That is why our team here at Paul Tanners, D.D.S. in New York, New York, is happy to teach you about dental crowns and why they are a popular choice when it comes to smile restorations.

Dental crowns are a popular treatment dentistry that restores a tooth to its original shape, size, and color. There are many reasons to receive a dental crown. Some of these reasons include:

-To support a tooth that has a large filling but doesn’t have a lot of tooth structure left.
-To hold a dental bridge in place.
-To protect a weak tooth and keep it from breaking.
-To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been extremely worn down.
-To cover a misshapen or discolored tooth to improve its appearance.
-To improve the appearance of your smile.
-To cover a dental implant.

Dental crowns can give you positive oral results and a beautiful smile in time for this festive season. Dental crowns can also be effective when it comes keeping your tooth safe and protected from other outside forces that could damage it.

If you have questions about your oral health, or would like to see if dental crowns are right for you, please give us a call today at 212-697-1122 and set up an appointment. Our team is always ready to take your call. So, restore your smile today and have a wonderful Halloween!