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Fight back against cavities with composite fillings. Composite fillings are designed to take out minor cavities that are often too small for dental amalgams to safely and effectively fix. If your tooth has a cavity that needs a composite filling, rest assured our team at Paul Tanners, D.D.S. will give you the treatment necessary to provide a long-lasting and durable filling.

Some key details pertaining to composite fillings include:

– If you are seeking a more natural-looking filling, composites have the added benefit of matching the colors of your teeth so they can blend in with your natural teeth.
– Typically, composite fillings can last upwards of a decade.
– If your composite fillings ever need to be repaired, the original fillings do not need to be removed.
– Composite fillings can be used on front teeth and back teeth.
– Composite fillings do not contain mercury, which some people may be allergic to.
– Composite fillings are extremely durable and more resistant to cracking in smaller cavities than dental amalgams.

If you have a cavity that needs repaired, our dentist, Paul Tanners, D.D.S., can provide you with tooth-colored composite fillings for nearly all sizes of cavities. To book an appointment with Dr. Paul Tanners at our office in New York, New York, you can call us at 212-697-1122. Conquering cavities has never been easier!